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Ticketing Tool


Ticketing Tool Project is an app where Employees can create Tickets and admin will assign ticket to respective department for which Ticket was raised.

Parking Spot Booking

Project Idea

Imagine a system where you can book a spot for your car before reaching that area. A simple Business Idea for Parking Owners and customers

Ecommerce App

Dynamic Website

Website to display all products we get from API. Users can add to cart , see all his products added to cart and make orders. Users can filter with product categories..

Survey App


A Web page which will ask several questions from what we set in Database user will fill survey and we can show reports as per different options we have for all questions.

Movie Ticket Booking App


A Web Application from where We can book movie tickets from a particular theater. This will have an admin Panel for theater owners to host shows and a front end website from where users will book seats.

Bus Ticket Booking App


A Mobile App from where We can book travel seats as per our journey. We can check travels photos, read reviews of fellow passengers. Admin Panel for travels Operators to add travels on different routes on different dates.

Bus Ticket Booking

Web / App

A portal where anyone can bid for any quotation created and the owner can see all bids received and decide to whom to give quotation. This is a portal where owner will create Quotation.

Meeting Room Booking

Web / App

Project typically includes developing a user-friendly web or mobile application that allows employees to search for and book available meeting rooms based on their location, capacity, availability, and other criteria.

E-Tender System

Mini Project

system that enables organizations to issue tenders or requests for proposals (RFPs) and receive bids or proposals electronically from suppliers or contractors.

Event Booking Project

Mini Project

an online platform that enables users to search for, book , and manage events such as conferences, workshops, concerts, or sporting events.

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